We provide detailed reports on xray, MRI and CT of the musculoskeletal system and spine. These reports often include pertinent clinical comments regarding the conservative management of the patient with recommendations for treatment and contraindications to care. We also discuss biomechanical findings which can further aid in the treatment of your patient.


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Image Submission

All images must be submitted in DICOM/dcm format. Jpg interpretation is not provided.

    1. Cloud based PACS: Amplify
      • http://amplifypacs.com/
      • Optimal if you choose to send images on a regular basis
      • Easiest route of image submission
      • $100 one time set up fee
      • 2 Options:
        1. $25/month for maintenance and technological support
          • This maintains our secure HIPAA compliant connection. It also gives you access to technical support if you have trouble sending the images at any time with no additional cost to my office or yours.
        2. $50/month for maintenance and technological support AND PACS Storage
          • You are legally required to store the images you take at your office offsite for 7 years and if you do not have your own PACS (image storage) system, this option is available to you. It allows you to store an unlimited number of images on the cloud that can be accessed on any computer in your office, and gives you unlimited access to the same technical support described above.
          • This option waves the $100 set up fee.
    2. Discs 
      • We have another option for submitting options coming soon! Stay Tuned!
      • Discs can be mailed to our physical address (all images must be in DICOM format).


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Report Delivery

  1. Online- Lararad
    • Cloud based report delivery makes turnaround much faster.
    • An account will be set up for your office where you will enter the patient information and history.
    • When the report is done, you will be notified by email and then you can log in and save or print the final report.
    • https://www.lararad.com/
    • Please watch these short videos which summarize key features of this software:
  2. Email
    • Reports are occasionally emailed to HIPAA compliant emails.


If there are any significant findings, the interpreting radiologist will call you to notify you by phone and further discuss the management of the case. We place priority on images/cases that were obtained most recently.


  • We take x-ray on our digital machine and provide reports for practicing Chiropractors in the Denver Metro area.
  • Please contact our office for more information and pricing.


  • Dr. Alicia performs diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound locally in the Denver Metro area and is able to evaluate multiple muscluloskeltal injuries such as rotator cuff tears, ligament injuries/sprains, tendinosis, and peripheral nerve entrapment as well as many other pathologies.
  • Ultrasound is a very dynamic imaging tool that can help determine the source of the patients pain and utilized movement as well as orthopedic testing to stress structures and test stability.
  • Please contact our office for more information.